The diet to persecution cellulite and -of course- to lose pounds

“Firm, impossible body without cellulite” is our motto for the summer. And we can do to ally this diet. Has followed the advice, watched your diet, do daily exercise and soon you will be able not only to get rid of that annoying enemy but to lose more than 3 pounds! The detoxification with the help of various juices and liquid preparations are among the most popular methods among celebrities. In yet how such a detoxification method is healthy? Does drinking only juice for a full day, or even week, there is and the best way to carry your body, despite some impressive results you have?

WHAT IS CELLULITE Cellulite is generated from within. Due to selective fat accumulation and adipocyte swelling just below the skin, and therefore loses its elasticity connective tissue. Result, the appearance of characteristic form “wrinkles” on the skin that gets the “orange peel appearance”. Seven out of eight women face the problem of cellulite and beyond those with some extra pounds or more fat accumulation in the body, employs and thin women.

FACTORS THAT AFFECT THE APPEARANCE OF According to science, no single food, such as coffee and soft drinks, is not responsible for its appearance. Instead, largely responsible female hormones, as well as heredity, skin quality, the distribution of subcutaneous fat, frequent weight fluctuations (yo-yo), sedentary lifestyle, and smoking.

WHAT APPEARS IN POINTS - Thighs - Buttocks - Inner arms - Stomach - Belly - Calves

TIPS TO REDUCTIONS cellulite SUCCESSFULLY - Reduce as you eating foods containing sugar and animal fat, eg heavy cream. - Limit consumption of complete dairy and meat. - Avoid salt and fried. - Do not forget to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and drinking plenty of water.

A healthy diet includes balanced meals and snacks that include carbohydrate, protein and good fats. A snack that combines all three components firmly holding the levels of blood sugar, you get enough and prevent the recruitment of additional calories during the day.

Nuts: Nuts contain 14 just 8 grams carbohydrates is ideal for a snack on a salad with celery and apples.

Yogurt: Yogurt is cool, can replace the sweet if you combine it with honey, is pleasant and contains few calories.

Boiled eggs: boiled eggs contain few carbohydrates, but many vitamins and nutrients. Combine avocado salad or for afternoon snack or dinner.


It helps music to exercise and your diet plan?

Cut high-calorie condiments and sugars. Rather than have a coffee with sugar, try some sweetener without calories and replace mayonnaise, for example, with mustard and do not forget the sauce in your salad to the next place and do not pour so you can control the amount you eat. Run in the hallway of the gym and trying in vain to find something to occupy your mind. Your gaze riveted to televisions but quickly bored and start to leave and running. In the adjacent corridor, however, your teammate, along with mp3, he seems tireless and spirited. Did you do something wrong?

Surveys years looking to find the secret of ‘joyful exercise. “ While many of us want to exercise and to have a better physical condition, often bored and abandon the effort in half. What’s wrong?

The answer is very simple and listens to music name. The miraculous music seems to make a difference in the quality and quantity of exercise. At a cursory glance, you will see for yourself the truth, if you notice in the gym your teammates. Those who listen with headphones of mp3 to their favorite music, show more lively and cheerful during the exercise while seems to get tired less. Conversely, those who do not listen to music, show more tired and distracted and often give up more easily than others.

The "tireless” performance

The results of this important research especially emerged after many years of studies, from the “own” us, sports psychologist, Karageorgis Costas, who dedicated 21 years of his life in order to discover the secret of 'joyful exercise. “

Therefore, according to Costas research Karageorgis, Professor at the Department of Sport and Education at Brunel University West London, when our body is exercising a paid overexertion and brain seeking incentives from outside in order to be able to 'forgotten’ fatigue and normally continue to play sports. The survey also showed that when the rate of music "coordinated” with the pace of the exercise, then the athlete consumes 6% less oxygen. Also, it turned out that music in combination with exercise, increases the strength of athlete 20%. The results of this survey confirms another study that took place at the University of Mairilant, according to which, those exercisers were listening to their favorite music have significant differences with the rest as it was highly dilated the blood vessels and therefore there was increased blood flow in the body.

So when eg we run some kilometers on a treadmill, halfway may tire and give up. Conversely, when parallel running and listening to our favorite music, our brains forget, not giving “signs of fatigue” and thus continue unabated sports. Similar results had in the 80s and aerobic exercise accompanied by intense and loud music. The sudden success it was not so much the impressive results achieved in the physical condition of athletes, as the fact that the music helped to extend the exercise as the brain delayed sending fatigue signals.

The music … our running!

Take advantage of the results of these surveys and create your own collection of songs that will motivate you to run …! Gather your mp3, your favorite songs, but select songs with intensity and pace, avoiding the slow pieces. These songs, they may form another collection that you use when you return home after exercise to relax. You have connected snacking and snacks with an increase of the scale? Huge mistake according to nutritionists, they give simple tips to lose excess pounds without being hungry. Instead say something to drink “pastry” albeit small, choose a healthy snack that combines a little fat and proteins, without however accompanied by a lot of calories. Think that if you can cut 100 calories out of your day, you lose a pound in less than a month without even realizing it.

-Make A plan: if you like to eat some snacks during the day to fool your hunger, make a program. Note what to eat and when, and make sure not to get away from it.

-Proteins and whole grains: such categories of food will fill you energy while activating your metabolism by burning more and thus losing more pounds.

You want to lose fat from the belly!

We can wear narrow our blouses and dresses without having to think especially to appear in a bathing suit on the beach without compunction, to be proud of the beautiful, our flat belly Fat Diminisher... With diet that follows all of the above are feasible. The abdomen is the part of our body that we would like to correct most women. But the more many of us often blame our gut or premenstrual syndrome for that our abdomen might look more bloated or swollen.

Certainly these two factors play a role, but on the other the fact that we do not eat properly (consume too much fat, sweets and snacking often), we do not drink enough water, we have stress, devour very quickly our food and did not do any gymnastics burden in turn condition. In what follows we propose some basic tips that if you follow for at least three weeks, combined with the diet program accompanying them, we will see significant improvement in our silhouette and our belly.

We've all heard that fat in the abdomen in addition is ugly and dangerous for our health. Indeed, the male pattern thickness, which is what lies in the abdomen and not the region or buttocks, poses additional risks to our health and especially for the heart. To be sure that we are not ourselves at risk, experts advise us to regularly measure with a tape measure our waist and trying -with proper diet and exercise-the signs of not exceeding 88 cm. For women and 102 m. for men.

There are some herbs that can be our allies in slimming, the blow and loss of fat from the abdomen. We, therefore, daily to prepare and drink before a meal 1 cup infusion (after boiling water, remove from heat, add 1 teaspoon of the herb, leave for 5 strain and drink) from one the following herbs: dandelion (not if you have problems with our bile), wormwood, verbena, nettle, hibiscus (the last two are not recommended if you have high blood pressure or problems with the kidneys), birch, senna (not if you suffer from irritable syndrome intestine) and thistle. Good but not drink the same herb for more than a month...

If your goal is to have a carved turtle, it should schedule a targeted workout for each of the muscles that make up the abdomen: abdominal high, low and oblique.

Especially if you're a beginner, start by focusing on the high abdominal, ie on the rectus abdominis. When you insert also exercises for the other bands, this will not mean abandoning the high zone: all the exercises aimed at developing the abs in fact mean that this work area even if the exercise focus is directed elsewhere.

Abdominal exercises to high

Below you will find three very simple exercises, which you can also put in your apartment in practice.

1. Lie down on the ground and leans his legs, knees bent at ninety degrees, on a chair. Put your hands behind your head, with your elbows open. This is your starting position.

Now slowly raise torso, shoulders and head, as if to get to your knees, and once reached the inflection point, back ground, ever so slowly. Remember to stand up without bending your neck but only by contracting the abdominal muscles. To help in this, keep an eye toward the ceiling, not toward the legs.

It also controls the breathing: you have to exhale in the contraction phase and inhale back to the ground.

2. This second exercise is very similar to a traditional crunch, but with a small variation in the position of the arms.

Train the abdominals altiStenditi on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Keep shoulders and head slightly off of the floor and cross your hands in front of you, on the lower abdomen... Keeping the neck relaxed, tighten the abdomen and lift the upper torso, pushing his hands forward. Then return to starting position.

3. Lie on the floor on his back with legs raised perpendicular to the floor and your feet on the hammer. Spread your arms, keeping them placed on the ground, with the palm facing the other. Taking care to keep the legs still, raise your torso and try to touch your ankles with your hands. Then return to starting position.

Fungus on nails? There is a solution with zetaclear

In the nail fungus Response System is a unique design system scientifically proven fights nail fungus. Discreet, thanks to its special formulation penetrates the nail and eliminate the fungi at source. Perfect for treating mild infections, while not prescribed for use. An effective solution that can be used at home. Dermatologist tested. Effectively cures onychomycosis http://www.nolimitly.com/2015/11/zetaclear-review.html! With its unique transport system patented, that transports the active ingredients to the root of the nail. With a simple spreading the nutrients penetrate the nail and fight the fungal infection at its core. The improvement is visible within weeks. It ensures the long-term health nychion.Prostatefei effective against fungal diseases and gives elasticity to brittle and chapped fungus.You can to have it always with you.

Narrow shoes, intensive sports, sweaty feet, shower in the locker room: in a nutshell that is the right environment to grow fungus. The nail fungus can affect all parts of the nail, such as the uterus, the bed and the nail itself and gradually leads to changes in the color and shape of the nail and very often disfiguring. The nails become hard and break easily. Onychomycosis (both hands, and in feet) caused by a microbe invades the nail substrate and represents 50% of all nail disorders. It can affect men and women, however, it occurs more often in men. The prevalence of onychomycosis in the range of 2-13% of the general population. Symptoms vary from patient to patient. He nail fungus may have different symptoms and manifesting differently in each man.

First regarding the appearance and only the nail without pain or discomfort to the patient. The foot nail fungus change the color of the nail to yellowish and increase the thickness of the nail. Then can lead to a whitish, kafeoeides, greenish and black. But as proceeds onychomycosis untreated, there is pain, difficulty in walking, in standing and exercise, and numbness or paresthesia in the legs. The classic treatment of onychomycosis is with drugs. Medicines for fungal nails are divided into local and systematically administered. Topical medications can be creams or in solution (lacquer) and consist mainly at the beginning of the problem. Stronger medicines for fungal nails are systematically administered. These oral and usually require a period of 2-3 months for making hand nail fungal and 3-4 months for treating onychomycoses feet.

If you become aware that you have mold, please contact directly to your dermatologist, who will give you the necessary treatment. But now there are other options, such as lasers.

1.The humidity and elevated temperature favors the growth of fungi. Treat excessive sweating of the feet frequently changing socks and shoes

2.When you are working in a humid environment (washing dishes, mopping the floor, work in the garden, etc.) prefer to wear raincoats, gloves

3.Don't walking barefoot in public places (swimming pools, changing rooms, beaches)

4.Take shoes comfortably with plenty of room in front, not pushing the fingers on top of one another in order to avoid injury.

5.For the "suspect" nails using special scissors and nail file, to not carry fungi healthy nails. Also if you go to a professional, take your scissors and nail file or always careful sterile tools used.

Nail color reflects their state of health: healthy nail is smooth, has a pinkish color and has a thin white stripe in the tip. Any change to the color and appearance of the nails should therefore be taken into account and possibly depth.

Onychomycosis, or fungal nail infection is quite common, caused by a species of fungus under the nail surface. The fungus can be transmitted from person to person by direct contact or through rugs, socks, shoes and tights.

These microorganisms grow and proliferate in hot and humid environments, such as communal showers, gyms, swimming pools. And it is the moist and dark shoes to cause a higher incidence of fungal infection on the toenails, and on the big toe in particular.

The infection initially from onychomycosis affects a small portion of the nail, which presents the different colors ranging from white to yellow to brown, green and even black.

If the fungus is left untreated, the fungus gets in depth: the nails may become thicker or crumble causing pain and discomfort, until the cause of the nail fall.

It is essential to treat onychomycosis: the condition will not improve without treatment, and the infection can spread and involve a larger portion of the nail or other toenails.

It is not just a cosmetic problem but a real disease to cure, turning to a specialist and using specific care products.